Headquartered in Mumbai, Fine Fragrances Pvt Ltd (FFPL) came into existence in the 1980’s when International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. (IFF) collaborated with MJ group of Companies to blend fragrance and flavor compounds for leading FMCG brands in India. Our journey in the Fragrance and Flavors industry has now spanned over three decades. Since the last 17 years FFPL has focused on promoting world class aroma ingredients and bases that help businesses differentiate their brands. By consistently serving small, mid-sized and large companies in the Fragrance and Flavors Industry we have created a loyal customer base of over 500 companies pan India. We are valued for our transparent sourcing, unadulterated quality, flexible packing, and prompt deliveries.


From time immemorial, aromas have been an integral part of human life. In today’s times they are the very heart of products in sectors like fine perfumes, home care products, personal care products, food and beverages etc. Apart from supplying the essentials of fragrance and flavors ingredients, Fine Fragrances passionately works with market innovators in the F & F industry to channelize the latest “aroma ideas” defining 21st century living. We committedly explain the unique selling points of new ingredients in our stock and how they can be combined with existing aromas for diverse end use applications. Our purpose is to be a cog in the wheel of creativity that enhances human lifestyle and makes the experience more fragrant and wholesome.

Director’s Address

Fine Fragrances started its jouney in the 1980’s as a part of MJ Group of Companies under the dynamic leadership of my father Mr Jashwant Shah. He came to Mumbai penniless in 1958 and through sheer grit and hard work became one of the biggest exporters to the Soviet Union from India in the 80’s. MJ Exports was awarded the status of a star trading export house in 1986-87 & 1988-89. Being a visionary and an industrialist at heart “Jasu or Jasubhai,” as he is fondly called, created alliances with US and European multinationals to set up state of the art manufacturing units in India in several sector’s like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, flavors and fragrances and an agrochemical plant in UAE. MJ Group stood for international quality, reliable supply and impeccable service.

Under his leadership, Fine Fragrances Pvt Ltd partnered with the US multi-national International Flavors and Fragrances Inc for the development of specialised flavors and fragrances in the nascent F&F industry. I am proud say FFPL was involved in the creation of block buster brands like Thumbs-up and Lirl soap in the course of our history. The focus and forte of Fine Fragrances has always been the supply of speciality ingredients that not just capture but also help in creating customer preferences and trends. With over three decades of steady growth in customer base, today Fine Fragrances reaches out to small, medium and large companies pan India for the timely supply of world class aroma ingredients at fair prices and flexible tamper proof packaging.

Since 2016, the day to day operations of Fine Fragrances are managed by my wife Kajal Shah on the principles of transperancy, hard work, and focus set by my father.

MJ Group’s builds its goodwill on the core value of “Vasudeva Kutumbhakam”, ie the whole world is one family. Our relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, the community and environment where we operate, is the foundation of our success.

Amol Shah
MJ Group Managing Director

ayam nijah paro veti ganana laghucetasam |
Udaracaritanam tu vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ||

This is mine, that is his, say the small minded,
The wise believe that the entire world is one family.

MJ Group

MJ Group was started in 1954 by our founder Mr. Jashwant Manusukhlal Shah as a trading company called M J Exports. Since our inception we have ventured into multiple businesses & diverse markets. We operate in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, agrochemical and fragrance and flavors industries.

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Infrastructure and Quality

As a market leader in India for the distribution of essential as well as the most exclusive aroma ingredients, we ensure the highest standards of storage for our stocks. Keeping in mind new regulations in the F&F industry in India and the varied end use application of our expanding customer base; we are currently in the process of expanding and upgrading our warehousing facility in Umbergoan. By the 1st quarter of 2020 we will have doubled our storage capacity to 35,000 square feet of a modern prefabricated warehouse with a dedicated temperature controlled section for storing essential oils and a separate block for flavor ingredients. FFPL uses tamper proof packaging for re-packed items and provides sourcing and batch details for every item dispatched.

Factory: Plot no 298/1&2,
GIDC Umbergaon – 396171,
District Valsad, Gujarat.